GeoURL is very cool

I’ve known about GeoURL for a long time, but never actually took the time to register my site. Tonight, I finally did it, and took a few minutes to browse around my area, and there’s a lot going on. The first thing I noticed was that there was a Plaze nearby, which I thought was weird… until I realized that I had discovered that plaze a few months ago (and added a few photos, too).

Some Ideas

I wonder if GeoURL provides the nearness feature based on longitude and latitude, in addition to just a URL. It would be cool to be able to find out who is near somewhere, starting with the where, and not the who.

A GeoURL API would be very cool, too. It wouldn’t need to be very complex; my use case is based on the “recenter” link on MultiMap links page. I’d like something that I can hook up to MT so that when it came across a URL, it could ask the GeoURL API if there was an entry for it in the database, and add that recenter link automatically.

Of course, the code is available, so I can start doing this myself… as soon as I get some time.


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