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After an extended dalliance with other feed readers, I’ve returned to the Bloglines fold. I tried several other ones as well, but none of them felt quite right. Maybe I’m too used to Bloglines to really adjust to a new application; I am an old dog, after all, and somtimes I have difficultly learning new tricks.

I like Bloglines’ simplicity, despite the frames. Most of the other aggregators emphasized their spiffy whizz-bang features, like AJAX-based feed/post tagging or post rating, which would break way too often for me, or be too slow. Bloglines even worked with my Treo (back when I had one, *sniff*) without any modifications.

I need to start looking at the Bloglines API again (there’s a Perl interface to it to get me started). I’ve got some ideas for what I can do with it, I just need to start coding.

The main reason I went back to bloglines was the keyboard shortcuts. I’ve even started getting incredibly annoyed when I visit some random blog and they don’t have the same keyboard shortcuts. How rude! I should be able to jump from comment to comment with the j and k keys.

I’ve contemplated a GreaseMonkey script that adds this functionality, but I’ve imagine it would be very difficult to identify individual comments on a blog. Maybe I can start a campaign to get everyone to implement standard ids for comments, so they can be hooked into.

Annoyingly, the keyboard shortcuts for Gmail are not only different from Bloglines’, but in some cases contradictory (j and k in Gmail move up and down conversations, while in Bloglines they move up and down messages in the current view; the s shortcut in Bloglines does what the j shortcut in Gmail does). I spent a lot of time getting my bindings in mutt configured to be like less and vi, and I’d really like to do the same thing for Bloglines and Gmail. I suppose I could do that with GreaseMonkey, too.

In the end, the reason doesn’t much matter, though; what matters is that I’m back where I started, and I’m happy.


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  1. Alex King on

    The FeedLounge public release is the 16th… :)

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