signtree is a Perl script that takes a list of files and generates detached signatures for each one, using the GnuPG module. If there is already a signature file, then it is verified, and updated if the signature does not match. This is a development tool, not a mass verification tool.

Usage is simple:

signtree - Sign a tree(s) of files with GnuPG

    signtree [OPTIONS] FILE1[, FILE2[, ...]]

    -D      Do a depth-first search instead of breadth-first
    -e $ext Extention (default 'asc')
    -i $RE  Regex to ignore (can be specified multiple times;
            default: '~$', '#.*#$', '\.#', '\b(CVS|RCS|\.svn)\b')
    -p $pw  Specify password (insecure!)
    -q      Operate quietly (no output)
    -v      Verify tree(s) of files (no signing)
    -V      Print version and exit
    -h      This help

Copyright (C) 2004 darren chamberlain <>

Passphrase can be specified on the command line, if necessary, but this is insecure.

Download it from my code directory.

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