Related posts plugin for WordPress

I have been dissatisfied with the existing related entry plugins for WordPress, so, in typical hacker fashion, I wrote my own. Read more »


My Problem With Perl

I’ve becoming increasingly frustrated with Perl. Read more »

GeoURL is very cool

I’ve known about GeoURL for a long time, but never actually took the time to register my site. Tonight, I finally did it, and took a few minutes to browse around my area, and there’s a lot going on. The first thing I noticed was that there was a Plaze nearby, which I thought was weird… until I realized that I had discovered that plaze a few months ago (and added a few photos, too). Read more »

Back to Bloglines

After an extended dalliance with other feed readers, I’ve returned to the Bloglines fold. I tried several other ones as well, but none of them felt quite right. Maybe I’m too used to Bloglines to really adjust to a new application; I am an old dog, after all, and somtimes I have difficultly learning new tricks. Read more »

Mobility Problems

I’ve never really been a gadget guy. Sure, they’re interesting, and fun, but I’ve never been comfortable slogging them around with me wherever I go. But despite my best efforts, I’ve managed to accumulate quite a few: wireless phone, Treo, digital camera, mp3 players (plural!), USB drives, and laptops. Don’t even get me started on all the different types of cables I need to carry. Read more »